Sustainable Management Corp provides management and marketing services to industrial and commercial business with the focus on waste and recycling “BACKDOOR PRODUCTS” such as metals, oxides, catalysts, filtercakes, plastics, and paper scrap as well as industrial and commercial waste, special waste, and hazardous waste.

Metals and oxide materials include copper, tin, nickel, moly, cobalt, vanadium, tungsten, zinc, and iron in the form of skimmings, grindings, fines, ashes, sweeps, dusts, drosses, slags, grindings, turnings, sludges, muds and catalysts. Sustainable Management markets ferrous scrap such as HMS, plate and structural, bundles, busheling, turnings, demolition scrap and into mills, foundries, and processors. 

Plastics include films, solids, and purgings of HDPE, PE, LDPE, PP, PS, HIPS, Zytel nylon, acrylics, and PET. LDPE, PP, PS, HIPS, Zytel nylon, acrylics, and PET.

Paper products include OCC (cardboard), ONP, hard whites, computer paper, mixed office paper (SOP), and specialty grades.

Sustainable Management experts are available for educational seminars, training programs, and have experience as expert witnesses.

We are committed to finding the best market for your industrial metal bearing scrap, secondary, by-product and co-product materials. Consumers may be smelters, refiners, foundries, blenders, and chemical companies. We do what we can to accommodate both the buyer and the seller by providing logistics management, cash advances, market fixation strategies, market analysis, and currency options.

We look forward to working and growing with our customers and partners.