Michael Friedman, President of Sustainable Management Corp began in the scrap metal business in 1976 when he was hired by Colonial Metals Company (Columbia, PA) as a metals buyer. He studied under master sorter, John Smith learning how to sort copper, brass, bronze, and copper-nickel alloys in preparation to buy scrap from dealers, processors, steel mills, and military bases throughout North America. Mr. Friedman was later transferred to Chicago to sell brass, bronze, and aluminum ingot to Midwestern foundries.

In 1984, Friedman Metals Brokerage Co. was founded and operated trading offices in York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This company was among the first to actively ship scrap copper to Mainland China and was one of the organizers for Recycle China ’94, a trade exposition in Shanghai.

Mr. Friedman joined Industrial Services of America in 2000 as Vice-President of Marketing and continued to trade with Asia and European customers.

Scrap and Waste was started in 2003 by Michael Friedman and others to specialize in marketing scrap metals, oxides, and spent catalyst from North and South America.

Since 2009, Michael and Drew Friedman have been successfully operating Sustainable Management Corp. as a trader of hazardous and non-hazardous metals, oxides, and residues, including filter cakes, sludges, grindings, ashes, sweeps, fines, and catalyst. Sustainable Management is the first scrap metal broker in Kentucky to be awarded an EPA ID number and utilizing WIETS software for export notifications.